The design of your product makes it distinctive and helps preserve your competitive advantage. ICOSA helps you protecting your designs by filing design patents or Utility models.

  • Filing of Design Patents and procedure until their grant

  • Maintening your Design Patents

  • Utility model in China

Filing of Design Patents and procedure until their grant

ICOSA files Design Patents in France and Benelux, as well as in all countries through its network of international associates. ICOSA also keeps track of all Official actions issued by Offices until the grant of the Design Patents.

Maintening your Design Patents

ICOSA keeps track of the renewal deadlines of the Design Patents and informs its clients in advance of the deadlines for maintaining their rights. Following their clients instructions, ICOSA takes care of all the procedures needed to maintain and renew the rights.

Utility model in China

ICOSA regularly advises its clients of manufactured products to file utility models in China. This “mini-patent”, issued without examination 18 months after filing, can effectively fight against local counterfeiting. The utility model can complement a patent filing, provided that it is filed simultaneously.