Industrial property is a strategic and economic asset for companies. ICOSA brings you its expertise to set up a rational industrial property policy.

  • Objectives

  • Diagnostic
  • Methodology
  • Creating a competitive advantage
  • IP Landscape

  • Strategic and technological positioning

  • Technological and competitive watch


Intellectual property is a necessary lever for fundraising for start-ups. Its objective is to take or maintain a dominant position in a specific market, to know its environment perfectly and to estimate entry points and market opportunities. The greatest strength of a start-up is its intellectual property and its ability to use it effectively.


The diagnosis consists of identifying any protection weaknesses in relation to the business plan, internal risks related for example to the ownership or exploitation of rights, and identifying opportunities to create more intellectual property. A budget diagnosis must also be made.


The first strategy point is to take into account the strategy of the start-up: the IP strategy must be completely aligned with the corporate strategy. The goal may be to seek partnerships, industrial or financial, or to attract the best specialists in a specific field, and in any case it will be to build a solid intellectual property.

Creating a competitive advantage

In the field of health, the competitive advantage can come from the pioneering nature of innovation, the identification of a niche market or the service rendered. But this advantage is only revealed by the creation of a patent portfolio that accompanies, protects and enhances this strategic resource to strengthen the competitiveness of the company.

IP Landscape

To answer investors’ questions, start-ups must be able to position themselves on an “IP Card”, the ICOSA’s IP Landscape service. This service allows a global and strategic vision in the environment of an invention. This positioning is also an important communication tool for investors and customers.

Strategic and technological positioning

ICOSA uses high-performance databases that indicate the major players involved in a particular innovation sector. Competitive IP analysis involves identifying and comparing competitor data and their position in IP. The ultimate goal is to position the intellectual property of our clients in this environment.

Technological and competitive watch

Patents, trademarks and designs are a source of information sometimes underutilized. ICOSA offers a monitoring service to be constantly updated with technical and competitive information related to a particular area. This service makes it possible to be informed in real time of the patents filed by the competitors, or of their marketing strategy. It also helps identify key players, companies or renowned inventors.