ICOSA offers a service that covers all aspects of trademarks protection, from research to filing, through watching and oppositions. ICOSA also takes care of renewing your trademarks.

  • Searching for identical and similar trademarks

  • Goods and Services description

  • Filing and registration of trademarks

  • Trademarks monitoring

  • Oppositions

  • Renewals

Searching for identical and similar trademarks

In Trademarks, the principle of specialty applies: a trademark designates and protects particular goods and services. Prior to the process of trademark registration, it should be checked whether the intended name has already been used for the same goods and services. ICOSA carries out its researches in professional databases.

Goods and Services description

The wording of goods and services must be written with relation to classes of products and services of the Nice Classification, but must be adapted to the specificity of the intended goods or services. ICOSA conducts several exchanges with its clients to advise them in their best interests on the drafting of the goods and services description.

Filing and registration of trademarks

After checking the availability of the trademark and drafting the label, ICOSA files online and follows-up the procedure until the registration of the trademark. The filing and registration of a trademark is a strategic act that allows its owner to reserve a distinctive sign for its goods and services, and to have the exclusive right to use this sign.

Trademarks monitoring

It is particularly recommended to ensure that no one infringes on filed and registered trademarks. ICOSA uses a particularly effective information system that enables it to perform this monitoring on behalf of its customers, and to report any identical or similar trademark that would be registered or used by a third party.


To form opposition means to oppose the filing of a third-party trademark, identical or similar to yours. The opposition procedure follows specific rules and deadlines. For example, in France, opposition can only be filed within two months of the publication of the registration of the trademark.


A trademark may remain valid indefinitely, provided that it is renewed once every 10 years. ICOSA monitors these deadlines for its clients, issues reminders before the deadline, and carries out the renewal operations in France, the Benelux countries and internationally.