To protect your innovations, we offer a global service ranging from patentability analysis to the defense against infringement.

  • Patentability study
  • Freedom to operate study

  • Drafting of patent applications

  • Filing of patent applications

  • Grant of the patents

  • Maintain your patent

  • Defense of Industrial Property Rights

  • Oppositions before the European Patent Office

  • Supplementary Protection Certificate

  • IP Watch

  • IP Landscape

Patentability study

It is a question of checking if an invention is new, inventive and susceptible of industrial application. We carry out extensive research in professional databases, including searches for chemical sequences or molecules. Our findings help to better understand the project’s inventive step and optimize protection strategies.

Freedom to operate study

The freedom to operate study consists in determining whether the launch of a product is likely to infringe the patent of a third party. The freedom to operate study is a risk assessment, allowing the possibility of managing it. In addition, this study provides information on competitor’s patents.

Drafting of patent applications

ICOSA has a scientific expertise and technical expertise in intellectual property. These assets enable us to apprehend the most complex inventions and to draft patent applications that protect them in a relevant way and adapted to the country of filing. Our know-how in patent drafting allows us to obtain strong and high value-added patents.

Filing of patent applications

At the end of the drafting of a patent application, ICOSA takes care of all the administrative operations: its Administrative and Legal Department, expert in electronic procedures files patent applications in France, Belgium, Europe and internationally, and records all information issued by the Patent Offices.

Grant of the patents

ICOSA analyzes the objections issued by the Patent Offices and contained in the Official actions and proposes the most appropriate response strategies. To optimize procedures and accelerate the issuance of patents, ICOSA interacts on all objections with its clients in an agile and collaborative approach.

Maintain your patent

ICOSA takes responsibility for the payment of patent maintenance fees for all of its clients in line with the requirements of the Patent Offices. Since its creation, ICOSA has provided this service to the complete satisfaction of its customers. The procedure is automated and controlled by a team of experts.

Defense of Industrial Property Rights

In connection with its network of specialized lawyers, ICOSA advises its clients on the protection strategies of their Patents against third party attacks. All options, amicable or contentious, are proposed. In particular, ICOSA writes response letters to formal notices sent in the context of a pre-litigation infringement action.

Oppositions before the European Patent Office

When an opposition is filed (within 9 months after the issuance of a patent), ICOSA advises and represents its clients as European representative before the European Patent Office. This representation requires a thorough understanding of the functioning mechanisms of the European Patent Office.

Supplementary Protection Certificate

ICOSA has a specific expertise in drug patents and life extension strategies for patents. ICOSA advises its clients on Supplementary Protection Certificates. ICOSA makes the filings directly to the French Patent Office (INPI) and organized a network of international correspondents specialized in this field, to file equivalent certificates abroad.

IP Watch

As part of their strategy, ICOSA’s clients receive a technological and competitive watch on professional patent databases based on keywords, company names and inventors’ names. This information enables them to follow the technological evolutions of their competitors and to keep abreast of the latest developments.

IP Landscape

ICOSA offers services that allow its clients to have a global vision on a particular technological area. Using statistics and graphical interfaces, ICOSA offers relevant and objective information on the major players involved in this field. These reports are used in economic intelligence.