ICOSA MEDTECH is to date the only French Industrial Property firm specializing in Medtech.

This specialization brings him three major assets:

1. in-depth knowledge of the players in the medical device,
2.the consideration of regulatory constraints at a very early stage, and
3. a technological advantage.

The Medtech sector is at the crossroads of different technologies

The ICOSA team combines all these technical skills, and combines them with the dual competence of Industrial Property. The ability of our teams to work together and implement the complementarity of disciplines gives ICOSA MEDTECH a leading position in the Industrial Property Attorney dedicated to medical device companies.

Our team of Industrial Property Specialists provides guidance at all stages of patent filing, IP Landscape, Industrial Property, Licensing and other proprietary agreements intellectual property management, trade secret management, third-party patent analysis, IP audits and due diligence. In case of counterfeiting, we advise you on the best strategies, both in attack and in defense, in relation to specialized lawyers of our network.


Our technical areas of Medtech include


column2-image1Signal analysis & processing

column1-image2Prostheses & Implants

column2-image1Medical instruments


column2-image1Optics and photonics




Our team is highly specialized in each technical field.

Discover their skills