ICOSA offers specific services for start-ups and investors.




Start-up your IP Strategy

Based on successful experience with more than 200 start-ups, ICOSA is a leading IP law firm in healthcare.

Since 2009, ICOSA supports project leaders in their development and founding partners of start-up when they raise funds, on the topics that are essential to them:

  • Highlight the IP of the company

  • Make tangible the know-how

  • Build a portfolio of patents, trademarks, software

  • Assist in the negotiation of licenses or co-ownership contracts

  • Position IP in its environment (IP landscape)

  • Provide strategic information

  • Help set up and implement the company’s IP strategy

ICOSA’s strengths:

  • In-depth knowledge of the start-up ecosystem

  • The best IP tools

  • Strategies enhancing a competitive advantage

  • Close relationship with the patent Examiners

  • Fulfilling the investors’ expectations

  • IP related risk identification and mitigation

Flexible operations:

  • A first meeting to know your project and your needs

  • Workplan and budget according to your needs and priorities

  • On time


ICOSA helps:

  • At the beginning of a project

  • at the proof of concept or prototype step

  • When raising funds

  • To secure a partnership


IP lights for investors

From its creation, ICOSA has been solicited by investors for Due Diligence. IP is often the major asset of start-ups. ICOSA’s know-how makes it possible to identify strengths and weaknesses and to understand all the potential, whether exploited or not, of the start-up.

ICOSA’s audits are based on six principles of effectiveness:

  • The knowledge of the sector of activity

  • The use of the best tools and databases

  • The reliability

  • The highlighting of the shadows

  • The recommendations to optimize forces

  • The general strategic view

What ICOSA’s audits bring:

  • The materialization of all immaterial assets of the company’s industrial property (patents, trademarks, software, designs, copyright, etc.)

  • Securing all these rights

  • The evaluation of the company’s key contracts, which involve Industrial Property (employment contracts, licenses, collaborations, consortium …)

  • A global vision on the company’s “IP health”


Quick turnaround times

  • Audits are often requested as part of an investment process and need to be done quickly

  • ICOSA commits to turnaround times of less than 3 weeks

A specific request?

Recognizing the importance of having an adequate solution for your success, we tailor our offers to your specific needs in intellectual property.