Mélanie PARISE, PhD

European Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney
French Patent Attorney

Biotech – Virology – Immunology


Mélanie Parise is a strong expert in Biotech, in particular in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Virology and Immunology. She joined ICOSA in 2019 as a European Patent Attorney within the Biotech-Biology team.

She advises her clients on the definition of an IP strategy, in particular on aspects of patentability and freedom-to-operate. She is involved in patent application drafting, in IP prosecution until patent grant and is a special advisor in IP law procedures.

Mélanie Parise graduated from the CEIPI (Center for International Intellectual Property Studies) in 2013 and became a qualified French Patent Attorney in 2014 and a European Patent Attorney in 2015.

She graduated from the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris and has been awarded a PhD in Microbiology-Virology. She wrote her thesis on the study of the mode of action of the TRIM cellular proteins and their interferences with the HIV-1 and Adenovirus life-cycles, at the University of Oxford and the Cochin Institute.

She started her career in a major French IP law firm where she gained ten years of experience before joining ICOSA.


  • European Qualification Exam (EQE)
  • French Qualification Exam (EQF)
  • CEIPI (Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle) diploma in Patent degree
  • PhD in Microbiology-Virology from the University of Paris VII
  • Magistère degree in Biology-Biochemistry from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENS Ulm)
  • MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology, specialism in Fundamental Virology, from the Pasteur Institute