Xandre GALLARD PATENT ASSOCIATE CEIPI Medtech – Nanotechnology – Biomathematics PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Xandre Gallard has acquired a strong expertise in nanotechnologies and biomathematics. She joined ICOSA in 2022 as a Patent Engineer in the Medtech team after an experience as a biomathematical [...]

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Sophie VO


Sophie VO PATENT ASSOCIATE CEIPI Medtech – Software – Optics – Physics PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Sophie holds a four-year experience in the filing and prosecution of patent applications in the field of software, telecommunications, cryptography, physics, optics and image processing. Previously an optical [...]

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Philippe DUPIRE


Philippe DUPIRE EUROPEAN PATENT ATTORNEY European Patent Attorney French Patent Attorney Medtech – Physics – Mecanics PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Philippe has begun his career in firm in 2003. He is involved in acquiring and defending rights for technical inventions in mechanics and physics [...]

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Stefania ACCIARDO, PhD


Stefania ACCIARDO, PhD PATENT SPECIALIST Medtech – Imaging – Biomarkers PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Stefania ACCIARDO hass a strong expertise in Biomedical Imaging, in particular in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in using biomarkers for bioimaging. She joined ICOSA in 2020 as Patent Specialist in [...]

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Sara SPADOLA, PhD PATENT ASSOCIATE CEIPI Medtech – Software – Signal processing – Physics PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Sara Spadola is a strong expert in biomedical engineering, especially in medical devices, image reconstruction and analysis algorithms. She joined ICOSA in 2017 as [...]

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Céline ROSTICHER, PhD EUROPEAN PATENT ATTORNEY CEIPI Medtech – Materials – Implants – Optics and photonics PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Céline Rosticher is a strong expert in Chemistry of materials, Chemistry of nanomaterials, Biomedical engineering, Medical engineering in medical devices and biomaterials, [...]

Céline ROSTICHER, PhD2022-01-23T13:03:36+01:00

Camille DESFEUX, PhD


Camille DESFEUX, PhD PATENT SPECIALIST Chemistry – Organic Chemistry PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Camille DESFEUX has a strong expertise in Organic Chemistry. She joined ICOSA in January 2022 as Patent Associate in the team Biotech-Chemistry. She is involved in patent drafting and prosecution. PhD [...]

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