Aimée DADOUN Partner European Patent Attorney French Patent Attorney Chemistry – Organic chemistry – Biochemisty Professional experience Aimée Dadoun is a European and French Patent Attorney. She joined ICOSA in May 2023 as a partner. A graduate of the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis (Organic [...]

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Franck TÉTAZ, PhD


Franck TÉTAZ, PhDPartner European Patent AttorneyFrench Patent AttorneyChemistry – Biotechnologies Professional experience Franck Tetaz is a European and French Patent Attorney. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble. Franck began his career in intellectual property at the European Patent Office [...]

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Laurence RIVIERE


Laurence RIVIERE Partner French and European Trade Mark & Design Attorney Trademarks – Cybercrimes – e-reputation PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Laurence Rivière is Partner and Head of the Trade Marks, Designs and Contracts department at ICOSA. A former member of the Paris Bar, qualified [...]

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Caroline de MAREÜIL-VILLETTE Founding Partner European Patent Attorney French Patent Agent Belgian Patent Agent Chemistry – Medtech PRACTICE & PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Caroline de Mareüil-Villette is one of the two co-founders of ICOSA and ICOSA Europe, two IP law firms specialized in Biotech, [...]

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